Over 100 ideas for New Years Resolutions

Updated: Jan 7

If you're looking for a list of endless new years resolution ideas, then look no further. Over the past month, I have come up with a mountain of resolution ideas for this post and myself. Now hopefully, these spark some inspiration for your own resolutions, but if not then feel free to straight-up take them for your own. Without further ado, here are all of my ideas and inspirations for Resolutions in 2021.

Health & Self Care

Drink more water

Start lifting weights

Set a daily or weekly Step Goal

Start going to the Gym

Workout 3 Times a Week

Go hiking more

Make a list of hiking trails you want to hike this year and do it!

Get more sleep

Start a sleep routine

Floss more often

Use less Heat on your Hair

Start a Night Routine

Start a Morning Routine

Eat Healthier

Start taking vitamins daily or weekly

Try Meal Prep

Reduce food waste

Buy more Organic food

Eat out less

Try Tea instead of Soda

Cutout Sugar

Have Healthier Skin

Eat More Veggies

Stretch every day

Try doing Yoga

Start Journaling

Work on Self Care

Create a Self Care Box

Have a "Spa Day" once a Month

Take More Baths

Hobbies & Skills

Learn a new language

Read a book a month

Read the Bible in a Year

Try audiobooks

or Try Podcasts

Learn to cook

Try new Recipes

Perfect a Recipe of your own

Have more plants ( and not kill them lol )

Learn more about Photography

Take a Self-Defense Class

Take a photo a day

Learn Caligraphy

Take a dance class

Paint, Draw, or Create more often

Try Digital art or Graphic Design

Take a class on something that interests you

Try Skillshare or Master Class

Try a new hobby and stick to it all year

Kindness & Personal Growth

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Volunteer anywhere

Do a small Act of Kindness Weekly

Travel more

Be more spontaneous

Practice living more intentionally

Go on a retreat

Try Meditation

Pray More

Work on loving yourself and being who you are

Start a gratitude Journal

Recycle More

Try more Zero waste products

Set Monthly Goals for Yourself

Pay off Debt

Put ___ amount of money into savings each month

Try setting a budget each month

Have a No Spend Month

Be more assertive

Stop Complaining

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Be More Positive

No Gossip

Take a Break from Social Media

Stop watching the News

Cuddle More

Do less with Toxic People and More with Good People

Less Swearing

Be More Honest

Ditch a Bad Habit

Resolutions for your Home

Organize the House

Find a place for everything you own

Have a Declutter Month

No Dirty Dishes left in the sink overnight

Redecorate the House or certain Rooms

Organize a different room every month

Try a Home Decor DIY or renovation

Put all your things you no longer use on Facebook Market Place or sell them on eBay

Resolutions for Mamas

Spend a special day with each of your kids

Snuggle them more

Tell them you love them every day

Practice having more patience

Take them out into nature more

Read them more books

Plan more crafts/fun projects to do with them

Plan a fun trip to take them on

Focus on making Good Memories

Resolutions for Relationships

Be more appreciative

Have Date nights monthly

Cultivate a common interest with your significant other

Say yes to Dates

Ask out someone you like

Make new friends

Connect with Old Friends

Have more days with just friends

Spend time with Family

More Girls nights

Work on being a better listener

Remember/Learn everyone's Birthdays

Send Cards to people you love

Call your family more

Call or Facetime (instead of Texting)

Get to know your Neighbors

Take/send flowers to friends or family at work (one person a month)

Hope you all liked this long, LONG list of ideas! Did any of these inspire your resolutions for 2021? Please leave a comment down below with any of your New Year Resolutions. Have a wonderful new year!