Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A few years back I made a video on my YouTube channel on how to crochet a simple infinity scarf. Now it has become my most watched video with over 760,000 views. So many people loved it and asked for a written pattern, so here it is. This pattern is going to be slightly different than the original pattern from the video, but it requires less yarn and takes less time to make. It took me around an hour to make the one in the photo below.

You will need:


CH = Chain

SL = Slip Stitch

DC = Double Crochet

REP = Repeat

FBL = Far Back Loop (this is the loop behind the top back loop)

Watch my YouTube video at the bottom of this post for more information on how to create a stitch in the FBL.

Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

CH 90 (or desired circumference of the infinity scarf)

SL to connect both ends of the chain to form a big circle.

CH 2

DC 90 in the top back loop

SL to connect

CH 2

DC 90 in FBL

REP last 3 steps until scarf reaches desired thickness. I repeated 4 more times (6 total rounds of DC).

Once you're finished, cut the yarn and pull it through the loop on your crochet hook. Then weave in your ends to the scarf.

My infinity scarf wraps around my neck twice. If you'd like your scarf to wrap around three times I'd recommend you start by CH 120-125 instead of 90. You can also alter the thickness of the scarf by how many times you repeat the DC rows.

To understand how I do the FBL stitch I would recommend watching my video on how to crochet an infinity scarf. It explains the stitch very well. I've never seen it used anywhere else so I'm really not sure what to call it. In that video I also add some single crochet stitches to the scarf so if you're looking for a slight variation to the pattern above just follow along with the video.