Blueberries: the amazing superfruit

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Blueberries are packed with tons of nutrients and health benefits. They are one of the healthiest fruits you'll find around. Today we're going to talk about all of the health benefits you'll gain from including more blueberries in your diet and why blueberries are an amazing superfruit.

What is a Superfruit?

Now, I say blueberries are an amazing superfruit, but what are superfruits? Superfruits or superfoods are

"Whole foods that supply an abundance of nourishing natural vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, amino acids, plant enzymes, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients" ~ google's definition

In other words, superfruits are fruits that are insanely good for your body! There are many compounds within blueberries that contribute to improving the body's overall health. Blueberries have the most antioxidants out of any fruit, this might be why they are the most well-known superfruit. They are full of vitamin C, magnesium, protein, fiber, potassium, and many more vitamins and minerals.

And here's another little fact for you: Blueberries have a type of flavonoids in them called anthocyanins, which are responsible for the fruit's dark blue color. They are the only fruit that is 100 % naturally blue.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

So now that we've covered what makes blueberries a superfruit, let's talk about some of the health benefits that come from all of those vitamins and minerals. Blueberries have been known to:

Boosts your Immune System

Like I said earlier, blueberries are packed with vitamin C and high in Antioxidants. They also contain magnesium which can help your body convert proteins and fats into energy. With all of the vitamins these small berries contain, there's no question they will give your immune system a good boost.

Improves your Digestive Health

Blueberries are a good dietary fiber source which aids in digestion. They are also low in calories making them a great dietary food.

Helps Boost Brain Health & Activity

Blueberries are great for brain function. Numerous studies have been conducted that have found that eating blueberries regularly can help in cognitive function.

I've seen that there has even been research done that says memory loss associated with aging can be reversed by eating more blueberries.

Promotes a Healthy Heart

Studies have also shown that blueberries are very good for your heart and can even help in preventing heart attacks.

Alliviates Inflamation

Blueberries contain lots of anti-inflammatories. These will help reduce inflammation in your body.

Helps Prevent Cancer

All of the antioxidants in blueberries are great at fighting and warding off diseases. Antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body which are unstable molecules that can contribute to cancerous cells.

Promotes Skin Health

Blueberries will bring up the levels of collegian in your body by fighting free radicals in your system. And as most people know, collegian is one of the best things for improving your skin health. More collegian = more glowy skin.

Also, Blueberries contain vitamin C which is another great element for the health of your skin!

Lowers Cholesterol

The flavonoids in blueberries (the thing that makes the blueberries blue), also protect our bodies from free radicals which can help lower cholesterol and help with blood circulation.

How I like to incorporate blueberries into my diet:

The best way I've found to incorporate blueberries into my diet is with smoothies! Now personally, I prefer strawberry smoothies, but I've started to sneak in some blueberries when I can. Unlike most fruits, frozen blueberries are just as healthy and nutritious as fresh ones.

As far as other recipes go you can also make blueberry salad dressing, homemade blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry kombucha, Blueberries with Yogurt, and so on, and so forth. My suggestion is to go onto Pinterest and search for blueberry recipes. You'll be surprised at much you'll find.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to share any blueberry recipes you have in the comments below :)