8 Healthy Habits to practice before Bedtime

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A productive day can start with the steps you take the night before. Even just ensuring you have a good night of rest can be the biggest help. I always try to make sure I wind down at night before bed. This helps my body to get into "sleep mode" and to clear and settle the thoughts in my head. So if you're looking to get a healthier night's sleep and to be more productive, here are a few habits you can add to your nighttime routine.

Prep for the next day

Before going to bed I like to prepare for the next day. I do this by cleaning up anything from my day, starting a to do list for the next day, and laying out an outfit to wear the next morning when I wake up. Let me break each habit down and explain why they're so helpful.

Clean up from your day

Cleaning up from my day is so important for me because I'm currently working from home. This means my house is also my workspace and in order to work more efficiently, I need a clean space. Cleaning before bed just takes one more thing off your to do list for tomorrow, and it gives you a fresh start to your day.

Make a To Do List

Making a to do list before bed is helpful for me because at night my brain is insanely active. It's thinking about everything that went on in the day, everything that didn't get done, and everything I wanted to do but ran out of time for. This is where your to do list comes in. I like to make a list of all the things I'm going to do the next day. I split it by morning, afternoon, and evening. If your not someone who is home all day like me that might sound excessive. But it helps me keep to a schedule.

I like to also break up my to do list by each task. So as an example, instead of writing: clean the house, I would write: clean bathrooms, vacuum, sweep, do laundry, etc. This way the task doesn't seem so overwhelming and you can work away at it bit by bit. I love having lists, they are one of the main keys to being more productive. So whether its a very short to do list or a long one making a list before bed is one of my top suggestions for a more productive life.

Set out an Outfit for the next day

Yes I know, this sounds like something your mom used to do for you in first grade, but I swear it works. I found that dressing semi-nice and getting ready in the morning always leads to a successful day, especially when you work from home. If I wear PJs or Yoga pants all day I feel less like running an errand I need to or step outside for fresh air. Set yourself up for success by setting out some clothes.

Drink Tea

I like to drink tea before bed to calm my body. Tea has some amazing health benefits! It's great for your digestive health and for your skin. One of the best teas to drink before bed is Chamomile, because it promotes restful sleep. Peppermint Tea is also a great one for sleep because it clears your mind.

Wash your Face & Moisturize

One of my favorite habits that I've gotten into lately is taking care of my skin every night before bed (and every morning). My routine is pretty simple. I start by washing my face with Castile Soap, then after I dry my face I apply few drops of Witch Hazel for my toner, and to finish I moisturize with Brightening Cream. This just removes any dirt or sweat from the day, leaving my face feeling soft and fresh for bed. If I'm feeling like doing a little extra I'll also lotion my arms and legs. Making sure you keep your body moisturized is so important for your skin's health.

Run an Essential Oil Diffuser

Before I get into bed I like to set up my Essential Oil Diffuser. I usually like to add in some lavender oil and grapefruit oil. Lavender essential oil is for relaxing and calming your body and grapefruit has an amazing smell. Running a diffuser makes the whole room smell amazing and it's so very calming.


Stretching before bed works wonders for your muscles. I love the feeling of my bed after stretches, but also I feel so much better in the morning. Just think of it this way, when you stretch before bed you are preparing your muscle for 8 hours of laying in bed. Even if it's just some toe touches and arm stretches, trust me you'll feel the difference.

Write in your journal

If you're someone who has so many thoughts in your head that they sometimes distract you from falling asleep, then writing in your journal is the number one bedtime habit for you. I started journaling years ago as a way to save memories. But more and more it has become a way for me to express and reflect on my thoughts in a positive and productive way. It's almost like you're emptying your mind for the day onto the page.

Pray & Meditate

And last but definitely not least, is praying and or meditating before bed. Nothing calms my soul more than ending the day with a few prayers and reflecting on my day. It also helps me to prepare myself for a better day tomorrow. On occasion, I also like to listen to a guided meditation as I fall asleep. I've found that meditating not only clears your mind, but it also relaxes your muscles and your entire body. This makes it the perfect habit to practice right before you fall asleep.

I hope you found these little tips on healthy bedtime habits helpful. Let me know in the comments, what are some of your bedtime habits that you practice?

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